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26.10.2009  "Best Practice Municipal Waste Management" -
now available online and on CD-ROM
04.06.2009  1. TASK Symposium in Leipzig, 23./24. June 2009 
18.02.2011  14th International Recovered Paper Conference by bvse-Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal (Berlin, 24th March 2011) 
11.02.2011  3rd TASK Symposium: The Future of Contaminated Sites - Strategies & Technologies Made in Germany (Leipzig, June 08 - 09, 2011) 
19.10.2010  4th International Symposium MBT (AWT), MRF & Recycling in Hanover (24th - 26th May 2011) 
26.05.2010  Balkwaste Project: Promoting sustainable waste management in the Balkan region 
30.04.2010  Call for Papers DepoTech 2010 (Leoben, Austria, November 3-5 2010) 
15.04.2010  Call for proposals: Eco-innovation projects 2010 
19.03.2009  CIP - Programme for Ecoinnovation -
Advance notice for the 2009 call
10.03.2009  ECOGERMA 2009 - Deutsch-Brasilianischer Messekongress für
Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit
16.06.2009  Energy from Biomass and Waste UK 2010 
24.02.2010  Enterprise Europe Network: Supporting
small and medium sized enterprises of the environmental sector
19.08.2009  Entsorga-Enteco International Trade Fair 2009 in Cologne 
03.07.2009  EU funding for environmental research encourages a variety of projects 
10.03.2010  EU Waste Management Conference
(Cologne, May 8-9 2010)
18.11.2010  EU WASTE-TRAIN project: Training in solid waste management for decision makers, executives and staff dealing with solid wastes 
25.01.2011  Eurostat publishes new statistics on the use of environmental resources within the EU 
30.03.2009  Export Initiative Recycling and Efficiency Technologies at Entsorga - Enteco Trade Fair 
18.10.2010  First new buildings made of recycling concrete in Stuttgart 
22.03.2010  German Center for Research Education and Demonstration in Waste Management established 
11.11.2010  German companies leading in the field of waste sorting technologies 
24.01.2011  German joint booth at environmental trade fair ENVEX 2011 (Seoul, South Korea, 08.-10.06.2011) 
23.02.2011  German sorting equipment provider installs first worldwide in-line system to extract copper meatballs 
13.11.2009  German-Japanese Economic Symposium 2009 
30.03.2010  Green Ventures in Potsdam (June 16-18 2010) 

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