As of: 29.07.2008Technical Cooperation

Objectives of German technical cooperation

Technical cooperation entails passing on technical, economic and organisational know-how and skills. The aim is to boost people's and organisations' performance and in doing so above all to support poorer population groups. They are to be put in a position to improve their living conditions by their own efforts by means of the efficient and sustainable use of resources and to achieve their own goals. Further important goals of technical cooperation are to incorporate civil society and to improve the social status of women in partner countries.

An important provider of technical cooperation is the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), which supports the German Government is achieving its development policy goals.

Technical cooperation in waste management

Around half the urban population in developing countries have no access to controlled waste disposal systems. In most cases, the need for environmentally sound waste disposal methods is completely ignored.

By providing appropriate waste management solutions, GTZ-supported projects help to reverse the continual risk to public health, and to curb water, soil and air pollution. Policy advisory services encourage the switch to environmentally sound, resource-conserving recycling management. For industry, the aim is to ensure that any hazardous wastes produced do not pose a risk to the environment.

GTZ's partners are municipal administrations, local and regional associations, and national, federal or regional authorities and ministries with full or partial responsibility for waste management. GTZ project partners in the industrial waste management sector are public institutions, industrial associations and chambers, and the industries themselves.

GTZ tackles the above challenges in the following areas:

Source: GTZ


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