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Project start: Organic waste treatment in East Africa

The DBFZ together with German RETech Partnership is conducting the project "WasteGui – Guideline of urban and rural organic waste in the African countries using the example of Ethiopia" from 01.07.2021 to 30.06.2022. The guide is intended to be a sound basis for providing decision-makers in Ethiopia and neighboring regions with a range of efficient and proven technical solutions in the recycling of organic waste.

In terms of content, the project pursues four main goals in this regard:

  • the evaluation of the status quo in the handling of organic waste,
  • the establishment of a working group with a broad range of expertise and networking with local actors in Ethiopia,
  • the proposal of suitable technical solutions
  • the transfer of knowledge to decision-makers and target groups by means of a guideline.

This project is funded by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, an initiative of the German Federal Government.

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Link to PREVENT-Project-Homepage