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Sustainable Waste Management and Recycling Concepts in Megacities

A rapid growth of population and increasing requirements of resources are implying new challenges. A consequence of this growth is also the increasing urbanization which manifests itself mainly in Mega Cities. These Mega Cities are not only growing horizontally but also vertically. The number of persons living and working in high-rise buildings often reaches the number of inhabitants of small towns. Sustainability plays an important role with regards to the design of buildings, whereby concepts and technologies for a separate collection of recyclable materials, a prerequisite for high-quality recycling, currently exist only rudimentary.

In Germany there are existing successful horizontal disposal concepts for dense building structures. However, the necessary vertical approaches for Mega Cities are missing in order to serve as a model for this. There is no sure formula for successful structural planning in megacities. Flexible solutions are needed for each individual case. The aim of the conference was to discuss future-oriented approaches with national and international experts. Notable speakers shared their experiences and visions. The conference provided the possibility for an intensive exchange of experiences, set impulses and promoted the development of new concepts.

Mega Cities poses great challenges to waste management and circular economy due to the large volumes of household, commercial and industrial waste arising, but it also offers huge opportunities. These challenges and opportunities are even more marked in megacities.

The conference is supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and is organized by RETech.