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Corporate trip to Jordan

From the 17th to the 19th of September 2017, a joint company trip by GIZ and member companies of the industry associations German RETech Partnership e.V., Fachverband Biogas e.V. (FvB) and the German Solar Industry Association (BSW), took place in Jordan.

The trip was organised by the GIZ project "Responsible and Inclusive Business Hubs (RIBH)" and carried out in cooperation with the DC Scout Programme and relevant projects of GIZ Jordan.

The special feature of this business trip was the support provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and by the local actors of German Development Cooperation. In principle, BMZ offers a wide range of financing and support programmes that make it easier for companies to enter the market and minimise risks, e.g. in direct cooperation with GIZ projects on site or a development partnership within the programme. In addition, the international and Jordanian experts of German Development Cooperation are a valuable resource for local expertise and provide access to decision-makers for German companies.

During the trip, the participating companies had the opportunity to get a concrete picture of requirements and previous approaches to solutions in the course of sector-specific excursions.

On Sunday, the 17th of September, the participants of the delegation were able to gain a first impression of the state of waste management in Jordan during their visit to the Al-Ghabawi landfill in Amman. During the subsequent technical discussion at the University of Jordan, they were able to deepen their knowledge with renowned Jordanian experts.

On Monday, the 18th of September, the participants of the delegation were welcomed in the Hotel Intercontinental by the BMWi sub-department head of Middle East, Africa and Development Policy, Dr. Schütz, the vice-ambassador, Mr. Schroer, the WZ-representative, Mr. Stumm, as well as the GIZ and KfW country directors, Dr. Baur and Mr. Schaub, and the head of AHK MENA, Mr. Hergenröther.

In a subsequent business get together at the Amman Chamber of Industry under the chairmanship of Senator Ziad Al Homs, the participants of the delegation were able to present their company profiles and subsequently hold bilateral B2B talks with interested Jordanian partners.

In the afternoon, a meeting was held with representatives of Acted, Oxfam, UNHCR, EU/EBRO and the CMCF to discuss project financing and the activities of international NGOs. The day ended with a reception at the German Embassy.

Tuesday was marked by innovative approaches to solutions, which were developed in a joint moderated workshop with all participants for a sectoral entry in Jordan. Overall, the response of the participants was very positive.