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Germany’s expertise for an advanced circular economy

In view of the world’s steadily growing population, people’s increasing aspirations to wealth and the escalating costs of resources, the conservation and efficient management of our global resources is a challenge on the same scale as climate change mitigation and energy supply security. Inappropriate treatment of residential, commercial and industrial wastes impairs human health and puts additional pressure on the environment, increasingly and particularly on the oceans. At the same time valuable resources are lost irretrievably. Policymakers and societies in every country are called upon to confront these challenges and to develop solutions that are both technically appropriate and economically viable.

This document aims to assist and encourage in the step-by-step development of an advanced waste management sector. It cannot determine the right path for a country – that can only be established by working individually with experts. That is why at the back of the booklet you will find the contact details of institutions in Germany who can help you with this task.