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The general meeting is the supreme body of the German RETech Partnership, meeting once a year at least, electing and discharging the board and authorizing the work of the association.

The board consists of a minimum of 4 and up to 12 personally elected members. The board is in charge of the association and elects a chairman as well as two deputies from among its members.

The board appoints an advisory body for four years, providing advice for the members and the board with regard to all issues of the association. It is composed of persons who represent federal or regional authorities as well as associations relevant for the purpose of the association, or persons who are especially helpful for the purpose of the association. It provides for the close connection with organisations of public life as well as the state authorities involved in cycle waste management in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The board may elect to entrust the management with the excution of all or certain business activities of the current administration and transfer the representation of the association connected with that.

The board may appoint working groups for executing functions of the association. Normally, the working groups are headed by a board member and are supported by the management. Full members as well as members of the advisory body are entitled to cooperate in the working groups.