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International Cooperation

Global Entrepreneurial Engagement for sustainable Development

There is a rapidly increasing demand for technologies and concepts for an efficient solid waste management in developing and emerging countries. Growing waste amounts require new approaches, which are functional under the prevailing and often challenging local frame conditions. This again creates interesting long-term opportunities for the European solid waste and recycling sector.  In particular German enterprises with their tremendous experience in the sector may explore new markets.

The German development cooperation promotes the engagement of the German recycling industry with a multitude of tailor-made support programs in Asian Africa, Latin-America and the Middle East, and South-East Europe.  The support programs aim at the implementation of joint projects that promotes a sustainable development: through the establishment of an integrated solid waste management as well as through the generation of employment and income.

For this purpose the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) provides an attractive spectrum of Support- and Financing Programs, and consultancy that ease the access to new markets for German enterprises.

For an in-depth counseling regarding the applicability of these programs you may contact the EZ-Scout at the RETech, who is happy to help you.

For enterprises that would like to get more information about the sector-specific frame-conditions in developing an emerging countries or a first visual impression about the respective local situation, may find some helpful documents, links and videos in the following:

UNEP - Global Waste Management Outlook

The GWMO provides the first comprehensive overview about the global state of solid waste management at the 21. Century. The Outlook is an up-to-date status report and at the same time an appeal to the international community for taking necessary action. The Global Waste Management Outlook is based on the initiative and developed under the supervision of the UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) as the result of a two-years work of international experts in 2015.

The Regional Network for integrated Solid Waste Management in the MENA Region (SWEEP-Net)

In the frame of the BMZ financed Project sector-relevant data and information have been collected, analyzed, compiled and published for the partner countries Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, LebanonMauretania, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Yemen. The respective country reports may be downloaded with the related links.

SWEEP-Net Trailer -- moving pictures of solid waste management in the MENA-Region

EU co-funded project MOVECO: transnational cooperation to accelerate the transition to the circular economy

The richly diverse Danube region is a vital link between Eastern and Western Europe. The close cooperation and concerted efforts within MOVECO promote economic growth, environmental sustainability and social engagement in various ways:

  • Transnational strategy for the transition to a Circular Economy
  • Circular economy toolbox for small and medium-sized enterprises, including financial, technical and information tools
  • Online platform to support cooperation between business and research
  • Virtual marketplace to promote reuse and stimulate industrial symbiosis
  • Mobile exhibition of best practices in the circular economy of the Danube region