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The worldwide demand for recycling and disposal technologies is large and will continue to grow. This is also due to the fact that raw materials are becoming scarcer and that emerging economies are showing an increasing environmental awareness. Low-waste production and environmentally sound recycling processes are suitable methods to limit the increase in waste volumes, to use raw materials economically and to minimize the disposal costs or follow-up costs arising from illegal dumping. Recycling and waste disposal technologies can limit environmental degradation and negative social impacts and contribute to a more efficient use of resources. Owing to stringent national environmental requirements, the German recycling and waste disposal industry is extremely well set up to meet this global demand. German companies already hold a considerable international market share of about 25% in this sector. This level of performance must be maintained and expanded.
German RETech Partnership's paramount objective is to strengthen the position of German waste industry and research in international markets. Therefore we are a one stop shop to get in contact with German companies and institutions of the waste management sector.
Our vision is a sound and appropriate waste management sector in every country.

RETech supports international companies and institutions interested in German waste management and recycling technologies and services by offering the following services:

  • German RETech Partnership


    Capacity development and going with it innovation and knowledge transfer is a key objective of RETech. more

  • German RETech Partnersihp - Contact


    German RETech Partnership is a one stop shop. RETech consolidates companies and institutions from the entire area of the waste management and recycling industry from collection and logistics to treatment and marketing as well as consultation, planning, research and teaching under one roof. more

  • German RETech Partnership


    RETech promotes the cooperation of members with interested decision makers from abroad as well as the exchange of information and experience within the working groups. The working groups within RETech are the main instrument for building a network for its members in the focus countries. more

  • German RETech Partnership - Solution


    RETech offers the opportunity to initiate individual waste management and recycling concepts as well as diverse feasibility studies with the German recycling industry and research. It is important to keep into mind, that there are no standard solutions. more