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    Conference Informel Sector 2017

    An international Conference on “Efficient Concepts for Solid Waste Management and Recycling with Integration of the Informal Sector” will be held by RETech on November 9 and 10, 2017 in Berlin with the participation of high professional representatives and speakers from relevant regions such as Europe, Africa, Lain America, China and India. more

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    Conference Mega Cities 2016

    Sustainability plays an important role with regards to the design of buildings, whereby concepts and technologies for a separate collection of recyclable materials, a prerequisite for high-quality recycling, currently exist only rudimentary. more

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    Country Profile 2016

    German RETech Partnership (RETech) and German Water Partnership (GWP), networks of the waste management and water sector, developed with the support of members market analyzes in the form of six country profiles. more

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    Study Recycling and Recovery in the PR of China

    The study focuses on the biogenic waste fraction from municipal waste except for sewage sludge. In addition, biogenic waste from restaurants is taken into account since this waste stream is very significant in China and its current treatment situation is to be changed in the future. The study does not consider hazardous waste. more


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