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Export Initiative Environmental Protection

Since 2016, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) has been supporting German green tech companies, including SMEs, in the internationalization of their "green" innovations, products and services with its "Export Initiative Environmental Protection" (EXI for short) funding program. Modern, efficient and resource-saving technologies are not only drivers of growth and innovation. They also help to raise environmental standards, disseminate environmental knowledge and thus sustainably improve ecological foundations and living conditions locally. How does the BMUV-EXI support green technology and infrastructure solutions.

The export initiative focuses on knowledge and technology transfer, particularly in the BMUV's fields of expertise. These include, for example:

  •     Water and wastewater management,
  •     recycling management, and waste and raw materials management,
  •     Resource efficiency,
  •     Wastewater and soil treatment,
  •     Sustainable or energy-saving construction and urban development (2016 -2018),
  •     Sustainable consumption,
  •     "green" hydrogen and fuel cell technologies,
  •     environmentally friendly mobility solutions and
  •     innovative cross-cutting technologies

Projects from RETech

RETech has/will carry out various projects together with cooperation partners within the framework of the BMU-funded "Export-initiative Environmental Technologies". These are presented on the following subpages:

  • Conference - Circular Economy against Marine Litter 2019
  • Country Porfiles 2017/2018
  • Conference - Efficient Concepts for Solid Waste Management and Recycling with Integration of the Informal Sector
  • Sustainable Waste Management and Recycling Concepts in Megacities
  • Country Porfiles 2016
  • Study Recycling and Recovery in the PR of China