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German Expertise

Germany leads the way with its well-developed circular economy:

  • 100% of all waste is collected separately
  • 15,500 waste management facilities provide a nationwide infrastructure
  • 64% of domestic waste is recycled
  • 79% of all waste undergoes recycling or recovery
  • 14% of resource demand is met from waste
  • Landfilling of non-pretreated waste was banned in 2005
  • Landfill methane emissions have been cut by 71% since 1990
  • 25% of the world market for waste management technology comes from Germany

Abiding principles of the German waste management sector:

  • Self-help assistance
  • Proven, adapted solutions to every challenge
  • Full capability range:
    − Labour-intensive to capital-intensive solutions
    − Low-tech to high-tech
    − Collection to recycling to disposal